Start-Up Founders Listen Up! Freedom at Work is the Key to Success

Work culture is important. And equally important is the freedom at work which impacts culture...

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The Accidental Product Manager: Story of Roehit Reddy

You may have heard of quite a few techies turning to product management at some point in their...

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The Road to Entrepreneurship: Perspectives of our Leading Ladies

While the number of women entrepreneurs in the country, still falls short of ideal, their...

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How To Avoid 17 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Pitching To Investors

Funding is critical for early stage ventures to scale up. Entrepreneurs consistently face one...

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Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught? (Yes, And Here’s What It Takes)

With many critics claiming that Entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught; rather it is a...

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The Idea Called UpGrad: A Start For Start-Ups

Faced with the challenges that I spoke about in my previous post (The Idea Called UpGrad: Why...

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Indian Start-Up Ecosystem Today: All You Need To Know

In a 'surgical strike on black money circulation' the central government quite suddenly demonetized...

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Upgrad Team

The Idea Called UpGrad: Why Education is Serious Business

When I visited the campus of a higher education institute, somewhere in Noida region of Delhi NCR, I...

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What are investors looking for?

The Start-Up Guide: What Do Investors Look For?

The perspectives of investors vary towards start-ups at different stages of their journey....

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UpGrad’s Entrepreneurship Impact Story

The government of India wants to create 1 million entrepreneurs over the next 2-3 years, yes, it is...

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Why Market Research is a must for Start-ups

Market Research is one of the most used marketing jargons among start-ups and, sadly, the least used...

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Growth Hacking – The New Marketing Buzzword

Growth hacking is a method that enables you to increase your customer base and ensures that they...

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How Romil Jain Set Out To Change The Way Indian Men Dress with

With the first batch of Startup With UpGrad coming to an end, there is a need to look back and...

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What the founder of ThinQbate learned from StartUp with UpGrad?

The recently graduated batch of November 2015 of Startup With UpGrad had a lot of bright, aspiring...

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How to be a Successful Mobile App Entrepreneur?

The trend of becoming a mobile app entrepreneur has seen a sharp spike in the last year. So, if you...

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How Crowdfunding Is Changing The Way Start-Ups Raise Money?

There are two very popular crowdfunding sources available to every entrepreneur out there....

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Their Mother

It is said that an entrepreneur needs to nurture his company like a little child is nurtured by his...

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Entrepreneurship can be learnt and should be taught

Yes, you can’t teach someone to leave the comfort of his or her secure job and dive head first...

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Are ESOPs a Good Option to attract Best Talent for Startups?

Employee Stock Option Plans are part of policies to attract, motivate and retain employees by...

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What skills do venture capitalists look for in early stage entrepreneurs?

A start-up may sustain for an initial period with its own funds being bootstrapped by the...

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Meera Sanyal talks about work-life balance, politics & women entrepreneurs

Meera Sanyal, a name synonymous in corporate corridors with skill, talent and determination became a...

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Top 10 Essential Tools For Startup Business in India

If you are a start-up or nursing the idea of starting one for a long time, you know this to be the...

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Don’t’ Be Scared – Launch Your Startup Early!

As entrepreneurs, we often sweat about what the first version of our product should look like. We...

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Lessons in Marketing for Startups

When you are starting up, you are low on resources. Getting your first set of customers becomes very...

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How to Accelerate Your Startup with One Customer

If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring one at that, this statement can be a dream come true when...

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Lessons in Starting Up

Entrepreneurship is counterintuitive. Some of the most celebrated business school learnings may not...

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Top 5 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Be Asking Themselves

Today marks the first day of our first course StartUp With UpGrad. We've spent months preparing and...

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How To Train Your Mind To Think Just Like An Entrepreneur ?

The ‘Entrepreneurial world’ could be a mind-boggling place for a first-time business owner. With...

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5 Most Successful Startup Investments Made By Celebrities

The startup fever has reached tinseltown across the globe. Over the last several years a growing...

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