UpGrad’s PM Program attracts IITs/IIMs/ISB students

The sheer diversity of the batch stands as a testament to the exponentially growing interest in the...

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Why Market Research is a must for Start-ups

Market Research is one of the most used marketing jargons among start-ups and, sadly, the least used...

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How Romil Jain Set Out To Change The Way Indian Men Dress with Gentclub.in?

With the first batch of Startup With UpGrad coming to an end, there is a need to look back and...

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What the founder of ThinQbate learned from StartUp with UpGrad?

The recently graduated batch of November 2015 of Startup With UpGrad had a lot of bright, aspiring...

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How to be a Successful Mobile App Entrepreneur?

The trend of becoming a mobile app entrepreneur has seen a sharp spike in the last year. So, if you...

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Graduation Day of StartUp with UpGrad – Class of Nov 2015 : The Journey

We are really excited about the students of our very first batch of StartUp with UpGrad graduating...

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How Crowdfunding Is Changing The Way Start-Ups Raise Money?

There are two very popular crowdfunding sources available to every entrepreneur out there....

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What are the 3Ps for a Successful Startup?

The definition of ‘ideal’ often differs from situation to situation. What is ideal for a public...

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Digital Marketing – The Experimentation Game UpGrad Blog

Digital Marketing – The Experimentation Game

The only thing constant in life and digital marketing is ‘change’. And by now we are more than...

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Meera Sanyal talks about work-life balance, politics & women entrepreneurs

Meera Sanyal, a name synonymous in corporate corridors with skill, talent and determination became a...

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Top 10 Essential Tools For Startup Business in India

If you are a start-up or nursing the idea of starting one for a long time, you know this to be the...

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EdTech for Working Professionals

We are privileged to be living in an age when one has the option to pursue an education, without...

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How to Accelerate Your Startup with One Customer

If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring one at that, this statement can be a dream come true when...

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How To Train Your Mind To Think Just Like An Entrepreneur? UpGrad Blog

How To Train Your Mind To Think Just Like An Entrepreneur?

The ‘Entrepreneurial world’ could be a mind-boggling place for a first-time business owner. With...

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StartUp with UpGrad – Student Demographics

Admitted ‘StartUp with UpGrad’ candidates come from all areas and backgrounds, ages and...

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5 Most Successful Startup Investments Made By Celebrities

The startup fever has reached tinseltown across the globe. Over the last several years a growing...

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