Letter from the CEO: Take Charge of Your Career for the Jobs of Tomorrow

I have always believed that the gloom surrounding the number of jobs being lost is not adequately...

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UpGrad Mayank Data Analytics Path Breaker

The Idea Called UpGrad: The Path-Breaking Data Analytics Program

UpGrad CEO, Mayank Kumar's story on how the UpGrad Data Analytics Program took off and the journey...

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Post Budget Reactions – How Did the Education Sector Fare?

In a previous article, we jotted down our expectations from the Union Budget 2017-18. As a sequel to...

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CEO Speak: Union Budget 2017 and What’s in it for Education

As all eyes now turn towards the Indian Government anticipating the Union Budget 2017-18, one of the...

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The Idea Called UpGrad: A Start For Start-Ups

Faced with the challenges that I spoke about in my previous post (The Idea Called UpGrad: Why...

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Upgrad Team

The Idea Called UpGrad: Why Education is Serious Business

When I visited the campus of a higher education institute, somewhere in Noida region of Delhi NCR, I...

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Only 25% Of Indian Graduates Are Employable, And The Solution Is Obvious

The world today has enhanced productivity requirements. Due to this, the demand for highly skilled...

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Technology will surely kill some jobs, but not all of them

Most industries in India and around the world are undergoing a digital transformation, and skills to...

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There’ll Be A Billion-Plus Job-Seekers By 2050, So Get Yourself Skilled NOW

If you are 25 years old, have graduated from a reputed institute in a traditional higher education...

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Working Professional’s Need of Staying Relevant

Online education across segments and students population is emerging as a popular option for...

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Lessons in Marketing for Startups

When you are starting up, you are low on resources. Getting your first set of customers becomes very...

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Lessons in Starting Up

Entrepreneurship is counterintuitive. Some of the most celebrated business school learnings may not...

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