Aadhaar and Big Data Technologies - A Love Story UpGrad Blog

Know all about the backbone of Aadhaar – Big Data!

Do you ever wonder how Aadhaar data belonging to more than 1.32 billion Indian citizens is stored?...

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Simpson's effect data science UpGrad Blog

What on Earth is Simpson’s Paradox? How Does it Affect Data?

In statistics, things are not as they appear on the surface. It is always better to check the...

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What's the Difference between Data Science Machine Learning and Big Data? UpGrad Blog

What’s the Difference between Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data?

Many professionals and 'Data' enthusiasts often ask, “What's the difference between Data Science,...

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Anybody can transition to Data Analytics UpGrad Blog

How Can You Transition to Data Analytics?

No matter what work experience you have, you can steer your career in Data Analytics. It's agnostic...

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ashutosh agrahari data analyst UpGrad Blog

How Ashutosh Got an UpGrad and Transitioned to Data Sciences

The UpGrad team has been extremely helpful throughout the course. I really appreciate their effort...

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Data Manipulation Spot Data Lies The Art of Statistics Data Sciences UpGrad Blog

Data Manipulation: How Can You Spot Data Lies?

Data is the new oil and there are ways in which statistics can be used to lie. Wrong interpretations...

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Top Steps to Mastering Data Science, Trust Me I’ve Tried Them UpGrad Blog

Top Steps to Mastering Data Science, Trust Me I’ve Tried Them

How can we apply general learning principles to data science? To master data science you need to...

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Startup's Guide to Data Analytics UpGrad Blog

A Start-Up’s Guide to Data Analytics (Part One)

Nowadays, everyone wants to build a data warehouse. But does one really need it? Even if you need...

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Introducing UpGrad LABS

UpGrad LABS invites real life problems that are holding back startups and corporates from achieving...

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Winning with Consumer Journeys

Most companies have realised the importance of consumer journeys but few succeed in 'picking' what...

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What Kind of Salaries do Data Scientists and Analysts Demand? UpGrad Blog

What Kind of Salaries do Data Scientists and Analysts Demand?

Given an expected shortage of 200,000 data specialists by 2018, companies are throwing huge salaries...

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From IT to Big Data BITS Pilani UpGrad Blog

From IT to Big Data – BITS Pilani Launches PG Program in Association with UpGrad

BITS Pilani launches an online Post-Graduate Program in Big Data Engineering. The program will train...

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Top 4 Data Analytics SKills UpGrad Blog

Top 4 Data Analytics Skills You Need to Become an Expert!

Mastering these data analytics skills can enable you to chart a successful career in this lucrative...

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What the Digital Industry Can Learn from Netflix

Through video streaming, Netflix has transformed itself into a leading Internet TV network that is...

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10 Killer Digital Marketing Skills You Must Have UpGrad Blog

10 Killer Digital Marketing Skills You Must Have

Anshul Khandelwal, head of marketing at UpGrad, talks about the top 10 killer skills required to...

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Letter from the CEO: Take Charge of Your Career for the Jobs of Tomorrow

I have always believed that the gloom surrounding the number of jobs being lost is not adequately...

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What I Learnt about Building Products by Watching Shark Tank

As a budding product manager, I found a lot of hidden lessons for me in the Shark Tank series, which...

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12 Ways to Connect Data Analytics to Business Outcomes

We list down 12 ways in which companies can use data analytics to drive lucrative business outcomes....

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How Product Managers Visualize Data

Data visualization is changing the world of business today. The power of design sensibilities and...

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How Uber Uses Data Analytics For Supply Positioning & Segmentation UpGrad Blog

How Uber Uses Data Analytics For Supply Positioning & Segmentation

Sai Alluri, Analytics Lead at Uber India talks about supply positioning models, segmentation and...

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What’s Cooking in Data Analytics? Team Data at UpGrad Speaks Up!

UpGrad is creating immersive learning experience for working professionals. Data Insider recently...

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Launching UpGrad’s Data Analytics Roadshow – Are You Game?

We, at UpGrad, are excited to announce a brand new partnership with various thought leaders in the...

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