Sathyaraj Iyer UpGrad Digital Marketing Program Blog

Sathyaraj Iyer on UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Program: ‘Stop Wishing, Start Working’

I think UpGrad has done in-depth research on framing modules and it really lives up to the...

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Design-Thinking in Content Marketing: Some Ideas and Tools to Ace the Process

What is Content Marketing? Most people use extremely technical terms to describe this newest kid on...

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Top 15 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Whether you’re experienced in the field or a raw graduate hoping to be employed, the following 15...

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Jobs

Which Digital Marketing role is perfect for you and what skills do you need to get there? Choose...

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Pooja Sriram Got an UpGrad | Blog

Born to be a Content Marketer: Story of Pooja Sriram

The UpGrad Digital Marketing Program has benefited me at many different levels. I see myself as a...

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10 Killer Digital Marketing Skills You Must Have UpGrad Blog

10 Killer Digital Marketing Skills You Must Have

Anshul Khandelwal, head of marketing at UpGrad, talks about the top 10 killer skills required to...

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Keeping Up With Tectonic Shifts in Marketing: What Would Mark Twain Say?

Given the tectonic shifts occurring in Marketing today, thanks to digital, every marketer - whether...

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From Marketing Manager to Holistic Digital Marketer: Story of Isha Ostwal

As a result of the print magazine Isha Ostwal worked for, going digital, the company had to realign...

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Digital Marketing Careers with Sujoy Golan : Marketers Unite Podcast

Former Global Digital Head Inmobi & Marketing Head of Unboxd, Sujoy Golan shares his exciting career...

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50 Tips From Digital Marketing Experts in India UpGrad Blog

50 Tips From Digital Marketing Experts in India

"There is no such thing as digital marketing, we are all marketers in a digital world". Marketing is...

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