Snapchat and Instagram Stories Which One’s For You UpGrad Blog

Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories: Which One’s For You?

Snapchat first released Stories, later Instagram released its own version. Let’s try to break down...

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The Super Six of Social Media Marketing Channels

A compilation of the six most widely used social media channels, what they are great for and how...

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Pooja Sriram Got an UpGrad | Blog

Born to be a Content Marketer: Story of Pooja Sriram

The UpGrad Digital Marketing Program has benefited me at many different levels. I see myself as a...

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Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Working for an advertising agency, the most common question I receive from my curious peers is this:...

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Exciting New Features are Coming to Facebook Ads in 2017

Six Facebook Ad features to be released this year that can help your business grow if used in a...

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Digital Marketing Today - Is Content King & Platform Queen? UpGrad Blog

Is Content King & Platform Queen in Digital Marketing?

If your awesome, purposeful and helpful content reaches only 2% of your target audience, you have...

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Frugal Marketing: 5 Ways to Spend Less on Marketing & Do More

Five key principles that frugal marketers from around the world can adopt to drive greater...

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50 Tips From Digital Marketing Experts in India UpGrad Blog

50 Tips From Digital Marketing Experts in India

"There is no such thing as digital marketing, we are all marketers in a digital world". Marketing is...

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How To Evaluate an Influencer Marketing Campaign? UpGrad Blog

How To Evaluate an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Influencer marketing campaigns have been in vogue since the advent of social media marketing. Learn...

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